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Ayurveda, spas and seaside

Ayurvedakuren als Wellness und EntspannungTime out for your employees. In collaboration with experience partners, we offer a carefully selected, rich variety of premium ayurveda spa hotels The centres provide expert teams of medics and therapists to ensure your ayurveda treatment is both restorative and health-enhancing. Whether in Sri Lanka, Bali, India or Spain; many of these spa hotels are awarded the highest distinctions for their outstanding and authentic ayurveda treatments, time and time again.


Retreats/anti-stress programmes

Retreats und Anti-Stress-Programme als Wellness und EntspannungYou want to indulge your employees with some time out and the opportunity to discover something new? How about a retreat with meditation programmes, relaxation exercises, premium spa treatments or burn-out prevention by qualified therapists? In collaboration with experienced coaches and therapists, we offer intensive, custom programmes for companies and organisations. They can be held in small hotels, perfect for the purpose and near to your business, in a Mallorcan finca or top spa hotel - we work with you to create a programme tailor-made to suit your requirements.